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Events, Lectures, Workshops, and Classes

Open Small Group Readings

Experience 90 incredible minutes of healing, learning, and visiting with Spirit! Limited to only 8 participants, you will learn through the connections made for others as well as receiving your own personal connections to passed loved ones and messages. A truly magical and life-changing experience!
You will be able to ask questions and may hear from more than one loved one who has passed. Tickets are pre-sale only for this event.


November 29th at 6:00pm   

$70 per person Limit 8 people

Click here to reserve your seat

Events, Lectures, and Workshops

Are you interested in hosting an event or workshop? You can Contact Us  for more information.  We can cater to your needs for your group. Our most popular topics are on Intuition, Psychic Awareness, and Positive Life Changes. These can be workshop based or workshop that includes audience readings for the second half of the event. 

Private Message Circles

Private message circles are a way of connecting as a group. This includes a 75-minute private message circle. We can host up to 10 people at our suite.

Are you interested in hosting a private group reading? You can Contact Us for more information on pricing. 

Workshops and Classes

We have many classes to fit your interests! These classes are as described below. Keep visiting to see what classes are added. New classes are added often!

cleansing your space with autumn mini class.png
Cleansing Your Spiritual Space in Your Home
with Mini-course "Embracing Autumn"

Group Class- Limit 6  

Your home mirrors who you are as a person. By clearing the space in your home, you enhance the benefits of positive energy, creativity, and well-being.

During this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to balance or change the energy in your home or office. Tammy will cover topics with handouts and a cleansing kit you make yourself!

 In this class you will learn:

    How to call on your angels to protect your home

    How to change the energy in your home

    How to use numerology in your home

                ...Just to name a few topics!

BONUS! Embracing Autumn Mini Class:
The autumn season holds an energy that aids in overcoming obstacles and preparing our creative life forces for regeneration. Learn how to attune to the energy of this season, what organs you need to pay attention to, and foods that support your body.


Do you have a group of three or more people and would like a private class? We can accommodate you! Contact us to schedule a day and time that works for your private workshop! 


Developing Your Intuition or Abilities
Intro (for the beginner student)


Every person has the ability to use their intuition or abilities to receive messages or make decisions. In this introductory course, you will learn some basics on how to cultivate your intuitive abilities and bring your awareness to the next level. You will enjoy the exercises and materials that Tammy has created for this course for a fun yet informative workshop. You do not need prior knowledge for this introductory course.


You do not need prior knowledge for this introductory course. !


Spring dates coming soon. Interested in this class not in a group setting? Click here to contact us to get more info! 

Spiritual Development Intro (500 × 500 px).png
Developing Your Intuition or Abilities
Class #2 & #3 Combo (for the advanced student)
*Course is closed*


This three-hour workshop combines two advanced classes into one! These courses focus more on mediumship and receiving messages. Topics include clairvoyance, psychometry, symbolism, using tools (cards, pendulums, crystals...) and more.  This course is crafted for the advanced student who has had prior experience/education in their abilities. Also included is a lesson in "Holding a reading".

*This course is not a fit if you don't want to share your experiences or practice with other students in the

Spiritual Dev class 2 and 3 combo.JPG
angels and guides with angel card reading combo class.JPG
Angels and Spirit Guides and
How to Read Angel Cards Combo Workshop


We all have Spirit Guides. They are part of our soul family! Tuning into them takes patience, trust, and assistance. Learn to access your team in this informative, kind-hearted course that welcomes all levels of spiritual seekers at any stage of healing. All of us can receive healing messages from guardian angels or spirit guides when we need guidance or answers. Are you curious about what your guides have to say? 

Do you own Angel Oracle Cards? Have you ever wanted to learn how to read them for yourself or your family? This mini-class will allow you to read and interpret the Angel Cards to receive messages. 

*This does not include a reading, only the tools on how to read the cards. 

This course is 3 hours, $199 per person, limit 6 people
Sunday. November 19th at 12:00pm

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