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Lakeshore Office Building

913 Old Liverpool Road

Suite J

Liverpool, NY, 13088​

*by appointment only


Tel  315.380.5315

                                                           COVID-19 PROTOCOL (none right now) 

When necessary, we follow the New York State mask mandates for arrival and departure in the building.

If a mask is mandated you can remove it once you are in Tammy's suite. 

Here are the protocols we are putting in place in response to COVID-19 and your safety:

* Please remain in your car when you arrive at your appointment then text Tammy at 315-380-5315 letting her know         you have arrived. She will give you the “OK” to come into the building

*Bring your own tissues.

*Bring your own water bottle if you would like one.

*The seating area is across from Tammy at the same table. You will have your own side of the table if you bring a drink,  a notebook to write, or your recording device.

*Doors and handles will all be cleaned with an industrial-strength cleaner between clients. 

*Common areas such as the hallways and bathrooms are maintained by the building manager. Please use       

   your judgment on how to navigate these areas in the building.

*All sessions are prepaid in advance.

*If you are sick, PLEASE stay home and we will reschedule you as soon as you are ready. 

If you have any questions about these protocols please let us know. We are happy to help. 

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