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 Spiritual Wellness Sessions
(In-Person * Phone *  Video)

People book sessions for a wide variety of reasons including gaining Comfort and healing, Easing the pain of grief, and spiritual counseling.  Come sit with Tammy in her calm and welcoming suite. It's truly an atmosphere for healing and positivity.

You can enjoy a session in the comfort of your own home.

 For a phone session, Tammy will call you at the number provided at the time of booking.  

For a video session, you will get your Zoom link instantly after booking. 

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If you are interested in a private group session, please click here for information and pricing.

Life Purpose Sessions

Each of us on this planet has a purpose; a reason for being. Our life purpose is generally not our career path. Find out answers to your questions and find guidance for your true path and gifts. This can be combined with a Spiritual Wellness Session. 

Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is a flow of healing energy present in every living thing. The laying of hands is used for Reiki therapy and spiritual healing to promote balance and wellness. Reiki treatment is usually facilitated by light, non-manipulative touch to a clothed recipient. Some clients have reported better quality of sleep and reduced stress levels. This can be given with or without messages. You can also try Reiki with Guided Meditation. Some of the topics offered are: Self-Esteem and Letting Go, Relaxation, Empowerment, Forgiveness, and Unleashing Your Potential. 




Used in a Reiki session, Guided Meditation is when a practitioner guides a person through a script on a topic of your choice. Some of the topics offered are: Self-Esteem and Letting Go, Relaxation, Empowerment, Forgiveness, and Unleashing Your Potential. This is perfect for someone who finds it difficult to meditate on their own. 



Sound Healing

Used with a Reiki session, sound healing uses tuning fork frequencies to open your energy channels and promote spiritual awareness. Having a Master of Music degree, Tammy intuitively uses these music background skills to promote the healing you need through tuning forks, singing bowls, and other instruments.

These special tuning fork combinations assist people in becoming more attuned to the vibratory nature of our magnificent universe. 

These tuning fork sets are very unique in that they are backed by many years of scientific and historical research into the unified field of sound, Sacred Geometry, color, ancient music traditions, and the harmonic proportions found in nature. The singing bowls have frequencies that heal and calm.

Relax as the harmonic sounds wash over you and go to where healing is needed.

Teaching Consultation

Sometimes you don't need a spiritual wellness session, but a teaching consultation instead.  If you want to talk about your personal situation and/or spiritual development, then book a teaching consultation.  This is a spiritual discussion - similar to a mini-class.  This is NOT a reading; however, there are times when your Spirit Guides have messages for you.  People book consultations for a wide variety of reasons including Mediumship and intuitive development, tips and guidance on achieving healing goals, Personal affirmations to create the life you want, and Guidance using Spiritual Natural Laws in your Life (ie. Law of Attraction).

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