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Events and Lectures

Open Small Group Readings

Experience 90 incredible minutes of healing, learning, and visiting with Spirit! Limited to only 8 participants, you will learn through the connections made for others as well as receiving your own personal connections to passed loved ones and messages. A truly magical and life-changing experience!
You will be able to ask questions and may hear from more than one loved one who has passed. Tickets are pre-sale only for this event.
You can find when our next open group reading is by clicking here.

Events, Lectures, and Workshops

Are you interested in hosting an event or workshop? You can Contact Us  for more information.  We can cater to your needs for your group. Our most popular topics are on Intuition, Psychic Awareness, and Positive Life Changes. These can be workshop based or workshop that includes audience readings for the second half of the event. 

Private Message Circles

Private message circles are a way of connecting as a group. This includes a 75-minute private message circle. We can host up to 10 people at our suite.

Are you interested in hosting a private group reading? You can Contact Us for more information on pricing. 

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